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Diaspora Tourism in Lebanon: A Strategy to Maintain Tourism Efficiency during Crises (Published)

Tourism constitutes a major activity in the Lebanese economic system. Being by its nature a fragile sector, tourism is severely affected each time Lebanon is facing a crisis. The last one was a multidimensional crisis that derived from the geopolitical turnarounds in the Middle East region, particularly the war in Syria. Yet, tourist arrivals to Lebanon have not dip as expected, on the contrary they are increasing steadily. This is due to the surge of diaspora tourism where reconnection with ancestral homelands and solidarity with their nationals prevails over other considerations. This article studies the rise of diaspora tourism in Lebanon during the period 2014 – 2017. It relies on the survey method to set a profile for Lebanese diaspora tourists and highlight the importance of resorting to diaspora tourism during crisis.

Keywords: Diaspora Tourism, Homeland., Lebanon, crises, descendants

Lebanese Expatriates, the Salvation to the Tourism Sector (Published)

The purpose of this research is to study the role that expatriate tourism can play in Lebanon and to assess its development potential. First, Lebanese tourism industry was evaluated through obtained information from secondary sources (i.e. bank reports, newspapers’ articles, previous studies). Then, a questionnaire was conducted to understand expatriates’opinions. Findings showed that expatriate tourism can constitute a solution for the actual concentration of tourist activities around the Lebanese capital and the other major cities of the country. Findings also revealed that the expatriate tourism has a direct positive impact on other types of tourism (i.e. cultural tourism, religious tourism, health tourism). The study resulted in many recommendations at the strategic and tactical levels that should be taken into consideration in order to develop the expatriate tourism in Lebanon, and thus, to strengthen the relation between the Lebanese expatriates and their homeland through tourism.


Keywords: Expatriate tourism, Lebanese expatriates, Lebanon, Migration

Competitiveness of Lebanon in Tourism: Comparison with Jordan, Egypt and Turkey (Published)

The purpose of this research is to determine Lebanese tourism industry’s competitiveness compared to its major rivals, i.e.  Jordan, Egypt and Turkey. First of all, Lebanese tourism industry was evaluated through obtained information from secondary sources (i.e. bank reports, Ministry of Tourism reports). Then, the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report (2015) is used to compare the global rankings of Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon. And finally, questionnaire analysis was carried out to understand people’s perception towards these countries. Findings revealed that the tourists’ inflow to Lebanon has witnessed a constant decrease since the emergence of the Arab Spring while it demonstrated its second annual upturn in 2015. However, overall ranking in the globalised world showed that Lebanon is in the last position compared to its rivals. Findings also indicated that despite having worse results compared to its rivals in factors like business environment, human resources, labour market and ICT readiness, Lebanon confirmed a better standing in health and hygiene and performed better than Egypt in safety and security matters. It was also proven by this study that Lebanon is performing either similarly or better in factors like mild climate, image, leisure attractions, educational and multilingual workforce, regional competition and environment protection.  However, conversely, it demonstrated either bad or worse performance in factors like eco-tourism, world class hotels and airports, natural environment, cost of accommodation and natural heritage. Moreover, the results of the research showed that the competitive position of Lebanese tourism is not the same in different international markets.

Keywords: Competitive Advantage, Lebanon, Tourism Competitiveness

The Effect of Syrian War on French People’s Decision to Travel to Lebanon: Remedy through Branding (Published)

The aim of this study was to find out the effects of War in Syria on the decision of French people to travel to Lebanon. Based on a survey, the study findings showed that people in France are aware of the Syrian War as well as the subsequent occurring refugee crisis. The war and refugee crisis are highly affecting their decisions to travel not only to Lebanon but also to other Middle East countries such as Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan. Demographic characteristics of the people play as well an imperative role on their decisions to travel to Lebanon. Branding Lebanon as a tourist destination based on the attributes that influence French travellers can be a fundamental part of the remedy

Keywords: Destination Branding, French Tourists, Lebanon, Refugee, Syrian War, Tourism, Tourist decision., crises

Survey Techniques to Highlight Hidden Tourism Attractions in Lebanon (Published)

Tourism Survey techniques to highlight the hidden tourism attractions in Lebanon is the aim of this work. A questionnaire has been designed in order to get the necessary data and accurate and detailed information about the touristic site or touristic village, tourist facilities and the services capability and manpower. All sources related to tourism sites in Lebanon have been studied. Information has been gathered from field interviews and direct contact with the local people, pictures and drawing detailed maps. We also build a database for each village that includes touristic sites. Our main work is to highlight the hidden touristic areas and benefit and preserve their natural, archaeological and historical resources. A map will be developed for each village. All gathered information and analysed data will be stored in a database and CD/DVD to be presented in tourism organization and travel agencies. Also, all data have been prepared to be published on a website.


Keywords: Attractions, Hidden, Highlight, Lebanon, Questionnaire, Survey, Tourist