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Work Life Balance and Normative Commitments of Employees in the Selected Deposit Money Banks in Ogun State, Nigeria (Published)

This study examines the effect of work life balance on normative commitments of employees in the selected deposit money banks in Ogun State, Nigeria. The major problem discovered was the poorly developed work cultures in the banks do not support work life balance practices. The specific objective was to determine the extent to which leave policy affects normative commitment of employees which was also in agreement with the research question and hypothesis. The research work adopted survey research design, the target population was 250 employees and sample size was 154 using Taro Yamane’s formula. One hundred and fifty four (154) copies of questionnaire were distributed and completely filled and returned. A descriptive and inferential statistics were used in analyzing the data collected. For reliability of the instrument, Cronbach Alpha was used and the values were 0.74 and 0.80.The instrument was also validated. The results revealed that leave policy had significant effect on normative commitment (β = 0.170, t=2.318, p<0.05). The study concluded that leave policy is a very important phenomenon in increasing employee’s commitment. The study recommended that managers of Nigerian deposit money banks should prioritize leave policy incentives that will maximize employee’s normative commitment.

Keywords: Leave Policy, Normative Commitment, Work Life Balance