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Investigating EFL Student Teachers’ Learning Performance, Attitudes and Peer Interaction in Flipped Classroom (Published)

This mixed–method research design examined the influence of Flipped Classroom Intervention (FCI) on the learning performance of pre-service EFL female teachers, along with their related attitudes and peer interaction. The study sample consisted of thirty-eight pre-service EFL females in Saudi Arabia. The research design was a one-group pre-posttest, with data collected by means of twenty items gathered pre- and post-test to measure learning performance. In addition, the attitudes and peer interaction of the participants were explored through the use of two Likert-scale questionnaires and their reflections were examined by means of semi-structured focus-group interviews. The results of the paired-samples t-test revealed a statistically significant improvement in participants’ learning performance (t=-7.459, p<.0005) in favor of the post-test. The results also revealed that the participants held positive attitudes towards FCI for all items within the three dimensions, giving highly confident responses regarding their views on peer interaction during FCI. Similarly, the findings of the semi-structured focus-group interviews revealed that FCI proved effective in raising the levels of: (1) the teacher’s performance; (2) the classroom environment; (3) teamwork; and (4) the students’ learning skills.

Keywords: Attitudes, Flipped classroom, Pre-Service EFL Teachers, learning performance, peer-interaction