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Learning Orientation and Innovativeness of Small and Micro Enterprises (Published)

This paper examines the effect of learning orientation on innovativeness of small and micro enterprises. Three dimensions of learning namely: commitment to learning, shared vision and open-mindedness and their affect on innovativeness of the firms are explored. Learning theories and diffusion of innovation theory underpinned the study. The paper is based on a survey of 333 entrepreneurs who were also owners of the firms. A closed-ended questionnaire was used to collect data, which was analyzed both descriptively and inferentially. Significant results obtained showed that entrepreneur’s open-mindedness and shared vision affect firm’s innovativeness. Thus firms need to flexibly embrace participative approaches that demonstrate open-mindedness and sharing with key stakeholders whose support is much needed for shaping new ideas that enrich innovativeness. The findings provides empirical support that innovativeness is not necessarily an outcome of an entrepreneur’s commitment to learning but an involvement of stakeholders to inculcate an enduring learning orientations.

Keywords: Innovativeness, Learning Orientation, Small and Micro Enterprises