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Learning For Intellectual and Emotional Development among Undergraduate Students in Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria (Published)

This paper focused on the relationship between learning for intellectual and emotional development among undergraduate students in the Faculty of Education, Niger Delta University, and Wilberforce Island, Nigeria. The study adopted a survey research design. From a population of 428 final year students, the sample size of 210 was selected using simple random sampling technique. The main instrument used for data collection was a structured questionnaire tagged: ‘Intellectual and Emotional Development Scale” (IEDS), r=.89 and research questions were raised. Percentage and mean scores were used for data analysis. Results showed that, majority of the participants (68.7%) learnt mainly for intellectual development. Most of the participants (66.4%) however exhibited elements of intellectual and emotional development in their learning application. There was a positive relationship between intellectual and emotional development components in their learning process. The paper concluded that undergraduate students exhibited such intellectual elements as comprehension, knowledge application, recall and abstract thinking in the learning process. The paper then recommended that undergraduates should learn not only for intellectual development, but also, for the adaptation of skills to enhance full development of the learner while also promoting skills development.


Keywords: Learning; Intellectual; Emotional; Development; Undergraduates