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Problem-Based Teaching and Learning Devices: A Research and Development on Natural Science Materials for Primary School (Published)

This study aims to develop a model of teaching and learning devices of Natural Science subject for primary schools. The devices include curriculum, syllabus, lesson plan, instructional media, and evaluation devices. To achieve the objective, this research applied research and development adopted from Thiagarajan’s 4-D model (1974) with modification. The development consists of four steps: define, design, develop, and disseminate. In developing the teaching and learning devices, this study applied problem-based learning approach by introducing the students to the real problems with five stages; the stages are (a) orient the students to the problem, (b) organize the students to learn, (c) guide the individual research or groups, (d) develop and present the results, and (e) analyze and evaluate the problem-solving process. State Primary school 12 Baruga Kendari, Indonesia was chosen as a place of research. The data were collected through documentation, observation, interviews, and testing. The data were analyzed descriptive qualitatively and quantitatively. The result of the research shows that the process of developing of the teaching and learning model (on Natural Science subject) with problem-based approach consists of several steps; they are identification, needs analysis, design, development, and evaluation (final revision). The teaching and learning devices developed are valid and appropriate to use. The learning devices are effective to be used because of three main reasons: (1) achieving criteria existed above the minimum mastery criteria; (2) the experiment class test results were significantly higher than the control class test results; (3) the developed devices model has met the criteria of practicality

Keywords: Learning Devices, Problem-Based Learning, Teaching, Thematic