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Analysis of the impact of Television Programme on Primary School Children Learning Behaviour in Awka Urban (Published)

Television viewing among young children has been an on-going issue as it is found to affect their development in various areas. This problem is getting more worrisome as the percentage and amount of hours of television exposure among young children is increasing especially with the growing production of children’s television programs. The paper therefore analyzes the impact of these television programmers’ on primary school children learning behaviour. The study is guided by Albert Bandura’s, social learning theory which distinguishes between enactive and vicarious learning by doing and experiencing the consequences of your actions. Vicarious learning is learning by observing others. Primary and secondary data were collected and analyzed qualitatively. It is important for your children as the people of tomorrow to be media literate, educative programmes enhance the intellectual ability of the children. Hence academic level of these children understudy is highly discouraging. Parents should set limits discuss with their young children about what is right and what is wrong especially on aggressive behaviours.

Keywords: Parents, School Children, Television, Violence, learning behaviour