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Teaching Reported Speech through Communicative Language Teaching and Principled Eclecticism approaches: the Case of Ghana Technology University College. (Published)

This research work sought to assess a practical innovative way of teaching and learning English language at the tertiary institutions, particularly in Ghana.Communicative language teaching together with the principled eclecticism approaches was adopted to teach reported speech in English language. Reported Speech was selected as a sample topic because it has been found to be one of the most difficult topics for Anglophone and Francophone students.It was uncovered through this work that acquisition of language skills together with communication is concomitant of social interaction.It was found that the common fault with inexperienced students is to confuse past and present tenses. Three systematic communicative language teaching approaches were employed as panacea for rampant consistent/continuous errors in observance of the sequence of tenses in reported speech in English language. Learners were assessed at the end of three months teaching and learning by reporting a concession statement of Nana Akufo Addo in 2012 to ascertain their mastery of indirect speech.The results revealed that through constant systematic pedagogical measures, learning difficulties are drastically surmountable. Finally, it was discovered pedagogically that adopting suitable method in teaching and learning a language is the panacea for numerous learning difficulties.

Keywords: Communicative Pedagogy, Language/Teaching Approach, Reported Speech, learner-centredness