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Applying ‘Project-Method’ (Pm) For Effective Teaching of Entrepreneurship Education in 21st Century Nigerian Universities (Published)

Entrepreneurship relates to real life jobs, occupations and career skills and hence it is society-specific. However, observation reveals that course content of ‘Entrepreneurship studies’ in many Nigerian universities are theoretically expressed and taught by note dictation, abstract descriptions, unrealistic examples, etc, 100%; dexterity (moving, arranging or operating the structure or technicalities of a job, occupation and career), zero. This paper proposes a redesign of university curriculum into project template; broken into steps, stages or units, where each step represents an aspect of the project (job, task, or skill) to be accomplished per time. Studying this way, four or five years in a row, students would have been oriented to the mechanics and dynamics of such jobs (projects) enough to form a practice. Basic requirements: project classrooms, project pedagogy, project curriculum review, teacher retraining, etc, necessary to administer this method are discussed.

Keywords: Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, learner-centered., project-method