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Changes in Learner Beliefs of Japanese EFL Students: An Impact of the Cooperative Strategy Training Program (Published)

Learner beliefs have been identified as one of the individual learner differences that influence second language learning (Ellis, 2008).Although Ellis (2008) claim that learning strategies “are influenced directly by learners’ explicit beliefs about how best to learn” (p. 703), little research has been done as to how learning strategies influence learner beliefs, and vice versa.This study reports the results of a 7-week strategy training course for Japanese university students about how their beliefs are influenced and shaped by their peers while working on cooperative learning activities. In essence, the study reveals the relationship between learning strategies and learner beliefs.Using multiple data source, including surveys, journals, language learning histories, and interviews, this study foundthat as these students worked more in pair and group workthey helped each other by sharing their experiences as well as ideas and gradually changed their beliefs to build their confidence about language learning.

Keywords: learner beliefs; learning strategies; strategy training