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Leadership Qualities and Their Consequences in an Organizational Context: Literature Review (Published)

It is argued that leadership qualities are very essential and important for the overall performance of organizations as those leaders who possess certain qualities influence the level of growth for organizations. This is notable in influencing decisions that concerns allocation of resources for the existing departments in organizations. The general assumption is that all leaders do possess the necessary and requisite qualities that would enhance the achievement of the desired goals and objectives of organizations. The foregoing is certainly not always the case as most individuals do have limited knowledge as regards the qualities that are important for individuals in the leadership positions. The study provides the linkage between leadership qualities, followership styles or behaviors, and their impact to the overall performance of organizations. The study has established that various positive leadership qualities do positively affect individual and overall organizational performance and productivity. Further, the study established that there is a correlation between the leadership qualities exhibited by the leaders and followership styles and behaviors. Though leadership qualities directly affect both the performance of individuals and the overall organization, the impact is also dependent on the followership styles exhibited by the followers/employee. Followership styles and behaviors mediates the relationship between leadership qualities and organizational performance.

Citation: John Ngatia Githui (2022) Leadership Qualities and Their Consequences in an Organizational Context: Literature Review, Global Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol.10, No.5, pp.47-63

Keywords: Leadership, Leadership Qualities, and organizational performance, followership

The State Secondary School Principal as an Effective Leader of Learner Discipline Management (Published)

State secondary school principals in Mauritius are struggling to address the learner discipline problem successfully. They have limited authority since all decisions concerning school matters are taken by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research and imposed on them to implement. This constitutes a major barrier for principals to manage learner discipline effectively. This paper examines the leadership qualities that they must have in order to become an effective leader of learner discipline management. The literature on leadership is reviewed and analysed in the context of learner discipline. The paper concludes by stating that state secondary school principal should rethink their leadership in a holistic and collaborative manner.

Keywords: Effective Leader., Leadership Qualities, Learner Discipline Management, State Secondary School Principals