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Emotional Intelligence, Achievement Motivation and Secondary School Students Social Adjustment in Calabar Municipality, Cross River State Nigeria (Published)

Over the years, Nigeria adolescents have been faced with various adjustment challenges. These issues have been judged to be responsible for the maladjustment issues being witnessed. Therefore, this study examines emotional intelligence, achievement motivation and adolescents in Calabar municipality.The study adopted descriptive survey research design. Two hundred and forty adolescents were randomly selected from Calabar municipality and Orlu senatorial Cross River State Four instruments used in the study were: Emotional Intelligence Scale ( = 0.70); Achievement Motivation Scale ( = 0.82); adjustment scale ( = 0.75) two research hypotheses were tested and Pearson product. Moment Correlation (PPMC) statistics was used for data analysis. The result reveals that all the independent variables used in the study significantly influenced adjustment of adolescents as thus; Emotional intelligence, r (238) = 0.928, P<.05. Achievement motivation, r (238) = 0.452. and adjustment, r (238) = 0.850. in this regard, Government should on regular bases organize workshops and seminars on leadership training for individuals particularly; political office holders while incorporating emotional intelligence and political education. This will motivate political office holders to achieve sustainable leadership development.


Keywords: Achievement Motivation., Emotional Intelligence, leadership development, political education