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Leadership Styles of Selected Construction Managers in Nigeria (Published)

This study was designed to determine the personal characteristics and leadership styles of construction managers in selected construction firms in Lagos, Nigeria and effect of leadership styles on morale of workers. The study was conducted with data from questionnaire retrieved from forty four construction firms. The construction managers in these firms were required to identify their personal characteristics and leadership styles and the effect of their leadership styles on workers’ morale. Rankings of the Relative Importance Index used for personal characteristics evaluation revealed that construction managers are self-confident, self-assured, determined and can communicate effectively with others. Factor analysis was used to extract democratic and autocratic leadership styles as the major styles of leadership among the construction managers. Increment in the productivity and satisfaction and dangerous decisions were rated high as effects of democratic and autocratic leadership style on workers respectively. The established effects of democratic leadership style on workers’ morale justify its wide adoption.

Keywords: Effect Of Leadership Style., Factor analysis, Leadership Approach, Leadership Styles