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Design and Implementation of Sun Tracker Solar Panel Using At89c52 Microcontroller (Published)

Solar energy is very important means of expanding renewable energy resources. In this paper is described the design and construction of a microcontroller based solar panel tracking system. Solar is an on conventional source of energy, considering this we have developed solar panels so that we can full fill our electricity need. But due to revolution of the earth, solar source i.e. sun does not face the panel continuously hence less electricity is produced. The energy panel should face the SUN till it is present in a day. The problem above can be solved by our system by automatic tracking the solar energy. The block diagram below shows system architecture it consist of a LDR sensor senses max solar power which is being given to the Microcontroller through the ADC which digitizes the LDR output. Controller then takes the decision according to then algorithm and tilts the panel towards the direction of the max energy given by LDR with the help of DC Motor. The Motor is used to rotate the LDR to sense the max solar power. A Solar Tracker is basically a device onto which solar panels are fitted which tracks the motion of the sun across the sky ensuring that the maximum amount of sunlight strikes the panels throughout the day. The system is able to track and follow the Sunlight intensity in order to get maximum solar power at the output regardless motor speed.

Keywords: DC motor, IC555, LCD, LDR, micro controller, suntrackingsystem