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Effects of Corn-Wheat Offal’s Replacement of Corn with Supplemental Amino Acids Concentrate on Laying Performance and Egg Quality Characteristics (Published)

The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of corn-wheat offal’s replacement of corn with supplemental amino acids concentrate on laying performance and egg quality characteristics. Eight weeks feeding trial was conducted using three hundred and eighty-four hens which were about 75 weeks old at commencement of the experiment on battery cage system. The three hundred and eighty-four laying hens were randomly allocated to four dietary treatments, and each treatment had four replicates with twenty-four (24) hens each. Corn offal’s and Wheat bran was used to replace maize with varying ratio. EXP A and EXP B had same ratio of corn offal’s and wheat bran (i.e., 45% and 23% respectively) while EXP C was formulated 24.5% corn offal’s and 47.85% wheat bran ratio for the replacement of corn. The experiment was completely randomized design, and data collated on laying performance and egg quality characteristics were analyzed using ANOVA on SPSS 20.0 version to determine the statistical differences. However, the results of this study showed significant (p < 0.05) increase in egg laying performance by 6.6% as against the control diet, improve feed conversion ratio by 5.5% especially the hens on 45% corn offal’s and 22.85% wheat bran replacement of corn supplemental amino acids concentrate, while non-significant (p<0.05) difference in egg weight among control diet and experimental diets.  Interestingly, there was non-significant effect (p<0.05) of corn offal’s and wheat bran replacement of corn supplemented amino acids concentrate on the egg quality parameters, thus the least Haugh unit of 80% indicate the egg protein quality and degree of egg freshness at both farm and retail store of the experimental diets. Finally, the feed cost was reduced by 13.66% as against the control diet which represent about ₦15.61 per kg at raw materials cost. For feed manufacturers, the economic implication is that there will be increase in their gross margin and of course create more competitive advantage.

Keywords: corn-wheat offal, egg quality characteristics, laying performance, replacement of corn, supplemental amino acids