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A Schopenhauerian Novel: D. H. Lawrence’s The White Peacock (Published)

This work shows a laudable understanding of the importance of Arthur Schopenhauer to D. H. Lawrence, especially in the early years of his writing career. If the impression received was strong enough, an individual might expect to find evidence in the nature of Lawrences writing. And such is indeed the case. Lawrence’s career as a professional novelist began after publishing his first novel, The White Peacock. He started the novel in 1906, right after reading Schopenhauer’s essay. Accordingly, as complex and thoroughly enigmatic as the novel may appear at first reading, my purpose is to show how it shares commonalities with three Schopenhauerian concepts: the will to live, love and physical qualities between the sexes.

Keywords: Lawrence’s White Peacock, Love, Schopenhauer, physical attraction