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Effectiveness of Islamic Law Compilation as Guidance at Religious Court of Palu City in Indonesia (Published)

The compilation of Islamic Law shows that there are unwritten laws in the lives of Indonesian Muslim people. Indonesian national law recognizes written and unwritten law. Therefore the compilation has Islamic law made to fill the void for Indonesian Muslims. This study aims to examine the effectiveness of the compilation of Islamic law in the religious court of Palu city in Indonesia. This research is qualitative research with a case study approach. Data has been collected through field observations and in-depth interviews with court judges and religious court officials in Palu. Furthermore, the data is presented in a matrix which is then analyzed using a thematic approach. The results of this study indicate that the use of compilations of Islamic law as a guideline in the religious courts of the city of Palu has been very effective. Since the beginning of its use on June 10, 1991, there have been many judges’ decisions based on the compilation of Islamic law. Then the judges also no longer give different decisions in the same case because they already have one standard guideline. However, this research is only limited to the study of decisions related to divorce without involving cases of claims for the distribution of marital property. Future research needs to examine whether religious court decisions related to the distribution of marital property have also followed the compilation of Islamic law uniformly.

Keywords: Islamic Law, Islamic religious court, law compilation