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Environmental Adult Education for Preventing Lassa fever Outbreak in Nigeria (Published)

The incidence of Lassa fever outbreak in Nigeria, is worrisome and this is attributed to indiscriminate waste disposal habit of people. Waste not properly dispose attracts rodents, which are the primary carrier of Lassa virus that causes Lassa fever. In other to make our environment free form Lassa fever spread, waste disposal habit of people needs to be taken care of. This paper thus examined how environmental adult education programmes such as hygiene and waste disposal education which are components of health education can be utilized to inculcate proper waste disposal habit among city residents in Nigeria. Through this paper, the authors established that for creating a Lassa free environment through hygiene and waste disposal education, the design of the hygiene and waste disposal education programme should be based on four strategies which will convey information, build understanding, improve skills, and enable sustainable actions 

Keywords: Environmental Adult Education, Environmental Education., Hygiene Education, Lassa Virus, Lassa fever, Waste Disposal, Waste Disposal Education, Waste.

Lassa fever: Focus On Medical/Academic Research and Popular Press Depiction (Published)

The focus of this paper is on the review of current medical and academic research on Lassa fever with a view to grasping the latest extant knowledge of the nature, manifestations, epidemiology, aetiology, management and prevention of the disease. Health challenges are enormous and can cripple the socio economic and political life of a nation especially in developing countries like Nigeria that lacks the required experts, equipments, manpower and even money to combat such disease. However, this article emphasise on the depiction of the disease in the popular press as well as the theoretical bases, challenges, constraints and prospects of covering health threats particularly Lassa fever in the media. The paper shows the critical role of the press in creating awareness, setting the agenda, and framing of health issues. Thus, reducing the impact such epidemic outbreak will have on the socioeconomic life of the people.

Keywords: Lassa fever, Media Depiction, Medical Research, Nigeria, Socioeconomic Life

Sensitivity Analysis of Lassa fever Model (Published)

A Mathematical Model was developed for the spread and control of Lassa Lever. Existence and stability were analysed for disease free equilibrium. Key to our analysis is the basic reproductive number which is an important threshold for disease control. Reasonable sets of values for the parameter in the model were compiled, and sensitivity analysis indices of around the baseline parameter value were computed, which shows that the most sensitive parameter to is human birth rate , followed by condom efficacy and compliance. Further, the numerical computation of gave a value of 0.129, finally, numerical simulations were obtained that illustrates the effects of the control parameters on the various compartments of the model.

Keywords: Endemic, Equilibrium, Lassa fever, Stability, sensitivity, spectral radius