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The Study of Language Planning In National Educational Policy (NEP) 2017 in Pakistan (Published)

This article is written to analyze and give some suggestions concerning language planning in National Education Policy (NEP) 2017. Each government permitted new articles in the constitutions and policies but without following a suitable line of investigation and management of researchers. So in this state of affairs language planning changed into more important beside other national troubles. From the initial day of Pakistan, Pakistani facing tribulations regarding language planning even one of our parts now Bangladesh was separated mainly because of this issue. Pakistan is a multilingual country with five major languages and fifty eight other languages. Language planning is need of all countries especially countries having multilingual and multi-ethnic makeup, Pakistan is one of those countries which have not only multilingual composition but also a conflict on the basis of languages. The scope of this study is that the researcher giving some new plans and suggestions to amend policies. In present time ‘National Education Policy 2017’ is a good step towards the development. Language planning is official and government-level policy concerning the assortment and promotion of a incorporated administrative language or languages. The researcher recommended that Urdu is a sign of nationalism and lingua franca and English as global language must run side by side, so we can accomplish maximum consequences by competing with the other countries in respect of nationalism. Some suggestions as followings: The issue of language planning should be taken as national issue of Pakistan. All language policies should be made after proper research by the skilled linguistics, psychologists, sociologist and policy makers. Major work should be done on Pakistan language especially in respect of corpus planning as well as status planning to make it a standard language of Pakistan.


Keywords: Language Planning, Lingua Franca, Linguistics, NEP, National Issue, Policy, Psychologists, Sociologist

The Advent of Islam has launched the Greatest Arabic Language Planning Process Ever-made in History for a Language (Published)

This descriptive and analytical research conducted to investigate the relationship between the advent and spread of Islam and its reflections on the development and growth of the Arabic language from one side, and link that with the contemporary principle, concepts and theories of language planning from the other side. The coming and spread of Islam has made major procedures that have enhanced the status, corpus and acquisition of Arabic. They include selection, standardization and codification of the Arabic language as the official language for the Muslim community and state. The advent of Islam has made great linguistic changes to the Arabic language components including its phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. These procedures have changed the Arabic status from a language of local tribes to an international language spoken by about 450 millions in the world; it has also become the native and official language for 22 countries and the liturgical language for about 1.7 billion Muslims. Learning and disseminating Arabic is enhancing, booming and increasing worldwide.

Keywords: Acquisition, Corpus, Language Planning, Status, and Arabic language., the Advent of Islam