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Exploring the Management of Anxiety in Advanced EFL Classes through English Clubs Provision for Oral Communication Improvement Secondary Schools in Benin (Published)

One of the major challenges that EFL students have to face in francophone countries is their inability to speak the English language due to many causes among which the linguistic environment and the fear of making mistakes while speaking. To solve the problem, some Beninese students refer to English Clubs (ECs) activities that provide them with a flexible learning environment. To shed light on the effectiveness of these EC programs, the present study has attempted to explore the management of language anxiety and the development of speaking ability through student participation in these programs.  The findings have shown that ECs can offer a pedagogical environment where participants progressively get rid of hindrances like anxiety, stress, fear of making mistakes and being ridiculed while they develop self-esteem and oral communication and gain flexibility and fluency. Based on these findings, the study has addressed the pedagogical value of ECs programs and recommended the support of educational authorities if the battle for the oral communication of Beninese students is to be won.

Keywords: English Clubs, Language Anxiety, Speaking Ability, extracurricular activities

Weekly Paired Conversation Practice in a 4-Skill Integrated English Course (Published)

This paper reports a pilot study aimed to investigate the effects of weekly paired conversation practice on 20 sophomore university students’ conversation performance and foreign language anxiety. The results of the study indicated that the participating students benefited from their weekly conversation practice, and they made significant improvement in their conversation performance at the end of the study although their foreign language anxiety did not decrease significantly. Also, their conversation performance significantly and negatively correlated with their foreign language anxiety, which means the students with less foreign language anxiety performed better in their English conversations. Based on the findings of the study, suggestions for output performance instruction, dealing with foreign language anxiety, and future research will be made.

Keywords: Conversation Practice, EFL, Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale, Language Anxiety, Output