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Impact of Residential Land Use Change on Intra Urban Road Network of Akure, Nigeria (Published)

Citation: Gbenga Enisan and Lukman Agbaje (2022) Impact of Residential Land Use Change on Intra Urban Road Network of Akure, Nigeria, British Journal of Environmental Sciences, Vol.10, No.3, pp., 1-15,

Abstract: The utilization of different land uses in different locations generates the demand for transport, where system and supply of transport enable the distribution of different land uses in different locations. Therefore, one can simply argue that urban and spatial planners, transport planners, highway engineers, public transport and logistics operators, retailers and developers should all come together to create new strategies and policies on the logic of land use management, transport geography, accessibility, and implied division of labors.  This study investigated the impact of residential land use change on intra urban road network of Akure, a medium size city with moderate population in southwestern Nigeria. Four major intra urban roads in the city center were considered in this research and a total of 150 houses and residents within 200m distance from the roads which amounted to 5% of the buildings within the study area were sampled. Information, relating to road network, condition of road, level of land use conversion among others, was gotten with Geographic Information System (GIS), questionnaire, personal observation and interview. It was found out that, most residential land use along intra urban roads in the city center had been converted to commercial land use either totally or partially. The study affirmed that, residential land use change has both physical and socio economic impacts on road network development and the environment. It was therefore recommended that, proper land use planning, establishment of a commercial center to cater for the city’s commercial needs and the preparation and implementation of a transportation master plan will reduce the problems observed. This will ensure adequate intra urban road management as well as sustainable urban development in Nigeria.

Keywords: Residential, intra urban mobility, land use change, road network

The Effects of Land Use Change and Landscape Fragmentation in Abuja, Nigeria (Published)

The study examined the effects of Land use change and Landscape fragmentation in Abuja. The Study revealed that main factor influencing Land use change and Landscape fragmentation in Abuja was the lack of opportunities to acquire other Land Uses. This factor was rated highest (Mean= 3.42, standard deviation= 1.10. The next factor that influenced land use fragmentation and land use change was the overgrowing population/slum formation. (Mean=2.98, Standard deviation=1.01. The Study further revealed that rain forest and groundcover Landscape Plants, such as Antiaria Africana, Anthocleista Nobilis, Elaeis Guineansis, Afzelia Africana and Anona Senegalensis; that were conceptualized in the Master Plan to serve as botanical, recreational and as weather conditioners in a micro-climate scale has reduced to an  estimated 10% (800 square kilometer) of the total 8000 square kilometer Abuja land mass. Consequently, the research concluded that, the impacts of land use change and the landscape fragmentation includes flooding, food scarcity due to fluctuation in Rainfall, drought, increase in air pollution as well as outbreak of respiratory diseases such as Pulmonary tuberculosis(PTB), and acute lower respiratory tract infections(ALRTI) in Abuja.

Citation: Saliman Dauda (2021) The Effects of Land Use Change and Landscape Fragmentation in Abuja, Nigeria, International Journal of Geography and Regional Planning Research, Vol.6, No.2, pp.13-27

Keywords: : landscape fragmentation, Abuja, land use change