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Review on Rehabilitation of degraded dry land ecosystems (Published)

Land degradation is worldwide and a high thing that have an outcome on the livestock of 1.5 billion people whole of which one seventh or 250 million people live in dry lands. Globally, it is assumed that 10–20% of dry lands are already degraded and about 12 million ha are cleaned each year in a case of using treatment. Reached by on unstable ground land use practices, adverse air conditions and the increase of population, land degradation has led to beg to be excused in precondition of ecosystem services, insecurity of food, political and social unsteadiness and lessening in the ecosystem’s resilience to natural climate unpredictability. All world studies have been launched to minimize land degradation, including rehabilitation of degraded dry lands. Restoration of agricultural land is important for sustainability of agriculture and environment. The basic factors causing soil erosion-induced degradation are wind and water erosion. The main causes of erosion on agricultural land are intensive cultivation, overgrazing, poor management of arable soils and deforestation. Restoration of eroded agricultural land is achieved through several agronomic and biological techniques. Biological measures such as buffers, conditioner application in direct contact with the soil surface, crop residues using manure protect the soil from erosion. This review aimed at collating the current state-of-knowledge about rehabilitation of degraded dry lands. Development of progression based models that forecast outcomes of the various treatment activities will be useful tools for researchers and practitioners. The concept of forest landscape re-establishment approach, which operates at landscape level, could also be adopted as the good framework for rehabilitation of degraded dry land ecosystems.

Citation: Yohannes Kidane and   Iseral Zewide (2022) Review on Rehabilitation of degraded dry land ecosystems, British Journal of Earth Sciences Research, Vol.10, No.1, pp.1-24

Keywords: Landscape, land degradation; rehabilitation; degraded dry land; Agricultural