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Land-Based Taxation and Internally Generated Revenue: An empirical investigation of its outputs in Abia State, Nigeria (Published)

All plans and programs of government are based on revenue, especially internal revenue because of its reliability. The purpose of this study is to examine for 13years (2007-2019), the returns from land based revenue and internally generated revenue after their prior estimation in budget. It also compares the growth rate of both within this duration and the contribution of land based revenue to the internally generated of the state. Using descriptive approach, the study revealed that Abia state failed to actualize what was projected almost throughout the period, the growth rate of both has remained negative, and the contribution of land based tax revenue to the internally generated was below 5% on the average. All these results are due to poor planning of budget and lack of purposeful leadership. These situation has resulted to arrays of uncompleted projects and decays of public infrastructure in Abia state. The study recommended development of a bespoke software that will close leakages, reduce fraud and corruption, and drive stakeholders to take daily inventory of their revenue performance before the end of the year.

Keywords: Internally Generated Revenue, land based tax revenue, revenue performance