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An Examination of the Problems encountered in applying quality assessment system by Lagos State Building Contractors (Published)

Citation: Ngozi Marykate Okoye, Kevin Chuks Okolie ; Okongwu Ikechukwu Michael (2022) An Examination of the Problems encountered in applying quality assessment system by Lagos State Building Contractors, British Journal of Environmental Sciences, Vol.10, No.2, pp. 13-22

The construction industry contributes 1% employment opportunities to Nigerians (Ding, 2008). According to the World Bank, an active industry should contribute at least 3.2% of the employment opportunities in the country. The aim of this study is to examine the problems encountered in applying quality assessment system in Lagos state. In order to realize this aim, the study examined challenges encountered by contractors..The study employed a descriptive case study design where data was collected from senior managers, project managers, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, and technical managers working with building construction companies in the Lagos Metropolitan Area using the mixed method approach. Quantitative data was collected using questionnaire from 109 randomly selected participants and analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Qualitative data was collected through interviews with 9 purposively selected respondents and analysed using the thematic analysis technique. The study shows challenges encountered by Contractors to include: Lack of adequate resources, inadequate skills and expertise, Casual/ temporary nature of construction workforce, Internal resistance, Lack of flexibility in existing tools and approaches etc. The study concludes that the most significant challenge encountered by local contractors when it comes to quality assessment is the lack of adequate resources and the study also identified staff training and education, integration of information technology, and increased involvement of senior leaders as the most important issues that they would like their organization to improve so as to increase the effectiveness of the quality assessment process.

Keywords: Assessment, Building Contractors, Examination, Lagos State, Quality, System

Influence of Collective Bargaining On Industrial Conflict in Public Health Sector Lagos State, Nigeria (Published)

The focus of the paper was on the influence of collective bargaining on industrial conflict using public health sector Lagos state, Nigeria as the unit of analysis. The study identified legal framework for enforcing collective agreement on industrial conflict and relationship between collective bargaining and industrial harmony. A sample size of 252 was obtained through Yamane sample size formula and structured questionnaire was used as the research instrument to elicit information from the respondents. It was found that there exists strong relationship between legal framework for enforcing collective agreement and industrial harmony where r = 0.921. and collective bargaining has significant effect on and industrial harmony (p ≥ 0.05; t = 0.869).  It was concluded that there exists a strong relationship between legal framework for enforcing collective agreement and industrial harmony in Lagos State Public Health Sector and thus, recommended that the frequency of usage of collective bargaining with respect to matters concerning employees’ terms and conditions of employment should be regular and to be the first point of call at any time on labour matters.

Keywords: Lagos State, Nigeria, collective bargaining, industrial conflict, public health sector

Public Libraries and Available Library Resources and Services in Some Senior Secondary School Students in Lagos State (Published)

Public libraries serve as valuable assets in meeting a community’s strategic goals. This article investigates Public Libraries and Available Library Resources and Services in Some Senior Secondary School Students In Lagos State, Nigeria. Observation and questionnaire methods were used as research tools. The population of the study consists of Senior Secondary School students in public libraries in Lagos State. The target population for this study was senior secondary school students in the selected schools to the five zonal libraries of the Lagos State Public Library Board. The study was limited to the senior secondary school classes one to three (SSS 1-3) students using the Lagos State public Library Board alone. Out of the over 720 questionnaires distributed only 574 were found usable. The result shows that textbooks were rated as main available resources to the students with (x=3.46), and textbooks, magazines were also available with a mean score of (x= 3.27), followed by journals (x= 3.18) while E-books and Encyclopedias were rated next to this with the mean score of (x = 3.08), (x=2.84). Finding also revealed that one of the services majorly provided by public libraries in Lagos State was to render assistance to the senior secondary school students by the library staff with mean score of the respondents’ rating (x=3.11), followed by Information literacy programme (x = 3.11). Photocopying services which had the mean score rating of (x = 3.06), was next to the above services, answering youth users question/queries was (x = 3.03) while lending of VCD and Audio CD were the least services provided with the mean score of the respondents rating of (x = 1.85).

Keywords: Lagos State, Library Resources, Library Services, Public libraries, Senior Secondary School Students

Core Skills Required by Graduates of Motor Vehicle Mechanic Work For Maintaining Anti-Lock Braking System of Modern Cars in Lagos State (Published)

The study was carried out to determine the core skills required by graduates of motor vehicle mechanic work for maintaining anti-lock braking system of modern cars in Lagos State. A survey research design was employed for the study. The population for the study comprised 204 supervisors in 68 registered automobile maintenance industries in Lagos State. A structured questionnaire item was used for collecting data from the respondents. The instrument was validated by three experts. Cronbach alpha reliability method was employed to determine the internal consistency of the questionnaire items and 0.82 was obtained as reliability coefficient. Three research questions guided the study while three null hypotheses formulated were tested at 0.05 level of significance. Mean was used for answering research questions while t-test statistics was used to test the hypotheses of no significant difference at 0.05 levels of significance and 183 degree of freedom. It was found out that all the thirteen competencies in servicing, twenty four competencies in repairing anti-lock braking system and ten safety competencies identified were required by graduates of MVMW for maintaining anti-lock braking system. It was recommended that all the maintenance-abilities or competencies identified in the study should be used to retrain the graduates of MVMW in Lagos State. It was also recommended that experts and specialists in ABS maintenance should be employed to train the graduates of MVMW.

Keywords: Anti-Lock, Braking System, Core-Skills, Lagos State, Modern Cars, Motor Vehicle, graduates