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A Story of a Frightened Horse, Viceroy’s Wife and Medical Care in Peshawar (Published)

The main purpose of this paper is how often some little happening  in life make them history.lady reading hospital Peshawar is one of the best example in sub-continent when first lady wife of viceroy came here and  in the beginning of the 20th century the biggest public hospital in Peshawar and the whole Frontier was Egerton Hospital built in 1854 (Gazetteer 1997-98: 259) in Shehbaz da Khu (south of the present Qissa Khawani Bazaar), which had 42 male and 12 female beds(Gazetteer, 2002: 76). S M Jaffar compares this specious and monumental building with the Mew hospital of Lahore (Jaffar S M 1945:133). And if we believe the story, all that was given a start by a frightened horse

Keywords: frightened horse, lady reading hospital, viceroys wife