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Characterization of Bacteriocin-Like Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria (Lab) Isolated From the Crude and Traditionally Fermented Fish Meat (Guedj) In Senegal (Published)

Nineteen (19) strains of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) from meat of fresh and fermented fish, (Machoiron, Capitain and Sompatte) isolated on modified MRS agar (0.1% glucose) supplemented with polymyxin B (100 U/ml) and cycloheximide (50 g/ml) were preselected based on their antimicrobial potential demonstrated against Escherichia coli (O 157) and Listeria monocytogene (CWBI-B710), morphological and biochemical characteristics. The averages of LAB were between 3.8 104 to 7.4 105 CFU/ml for Machoiron, 4 103 to 6.2 105 CFU/ml for Captain and 3.1 104 to 8.2 105 CFU/ml for Sompatte. The phenotypes of the isolated bacteria helped identifying the following species: Lactobacillus (Lb) plantarum, Lb brevis, Lb curvatus, Lb fermetum, Lactococus(Lc) lactis spp lactis 1, Lc. lactislactis, Lc plantarum, Lc subsplactis, Enterococcus (Ec) sp, Ec. Faecium, Leuconostocs mesenteroides and Pediococcus pentasaceus. In addition, 21.05% of the strains have found to display an antagonistic activity against pathogenic bacteria strains.

Keywords: Escherichia Coli (O 157), Fermented Fish-Guedj, Identification, Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), Listeria Monocytogene (CWBI-B710)., Pathogenic Bacteria