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Using Mixed Strategies and Techniques to Enrich and Enhance L2 Vocabulary Learning (Published)

Vocabulary plays an important role in any language. However, learning vocabulary is one of the challenges that learners face during the process of second language learning. This research paper aims to enrich teachers’ knowledge and improve their teaching methods in the area of vocabulary instruction. First, it discusses the issues that learners have in L2 vocabulary learning in order to help teachers understand these issues and follow the principles that will help them to develop effective vocabulary instruction. In addition, this paper reviews the current research on the most effective teaching strategies and techniques for L2 vocabulary learning and teaching. The results of the study emphasize the importance of vocabulary instruction on vocabulary learning. Therefore, teachers should evolve their vocabulary instruction to be more effective which will affect positively on their learners’ vocabulary development. In addition, this paper familiarizes teachers with various useful teaching methods and techniques to enhance vocabulary teaching and learning processes.

Citation: Asma AlRashidi  (2021) Using Mixed Strategies and Techniques to Enrich and Enhance L2 Vocabulary Learning, International Journal of English Language Teaching, Vol.9, No.4, pp.36-46

Keywords: Issues, L2 vocabulary learning, Teaching Methods, Techniques, vocabulary instruction