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Investigating the Use of L1 in L2 Classrooms: An Action Research Project in Teaching Practicum (Published)

Introducing Action Research concept to student teachers and involving them into a process of conducting a selected action research project during their teaching practicum experience is one of my priorities when teaching Practicum 2 Course in order to help student teachers comprehend the complexities of the world of profession and offer opportunities to increase effective pedagogical practices. To achieve this objective, I selected an issue that was nominated by 12 student teachers as causing a problem on their practice and their pupils’ learning. The selected issue is about the use of L1 in L2 classroom. To investigate the issue, I designed three research instruments which distributed by student teachers to collect data from a sample of  20 EFL teachers and 320 pupils from 12 classrooms in 6 public intermediate schools in Almadinah city, KSA. I analised the data and shared the findings of the project with student teachers who made future decisions regarding their L2 teaching practices and reflected upon how action research developed their recognition of the investigate issue.

Keywords: Action Research, L1 use in L2 classroom, Practicum