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A Review of L2 Lexical Representation Models (Published)

This paper introduces five typical theoretical models of second language vocabulary processing, illustrating with respect to how there may be differences between the size of the first language (L1) and the second language (L2) lexicon, differences or similarities between how meaning is retrieved, and differences in how rich the meanings of words in each language are. The paper also examines the validity and applicability of the models in terms of results of the experimental paradigm. Finally, the paper points out the common restrictions in the field of L2 representation research and provides advice based on the advantages and disadvantages of the theoretical models.

Citation: Yang Xue(2022) A Review of L2 Lexical Representation Models, International Journal of English Language and Linguistics Research,Vol.10, No 2, pp.30-37


Keywords: L1 lexicon, L2 lexicon, Models, vocabulary processing; memory system