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Perspective of Sustainability Management in Micro Kprs Sharia Subsidized Program (Published)

Baitul Maal Wattami (BMT) Dana Insani is a Micro finance Institutions located in the region Gunung Kidul, DI Yogyakarta Province. The Microfinance Institutions use legal foundations from the Cooperative and operate using Islamic Financial system was founded by local community since 2002 to bridge the limitations of access to finance for MBR having a productive business in the region. Based Ministry Regulation No. 06 of 2006 about the construction / improvement of self-help housing through credit / micro financing facilities housing subsidies, the government provides subsidies for MBR will construct or improve their homes independently. The implementation of programs involving the participation of MPLs was followed by BMT DI. BMT DI participation as implementing Sharia Micro KPRS program subsidized for three phases showed an increased realization of significant. This indicates a good response from the Islamic MFLs in implementing the program. A case study was conducted to determine the extent of the capabilities of the BMT DI, MBR characteristics and acceptance of the terms and the prospect of sustainability of such programs on BMT DI. To answer these questions, research carried out by using quantitative methods, reinforced with qualitative data. The analysis showed that the successful management of BMT DI based on the principle of Cooperative built from the bottom and use the principles of Islamic finance is a preference Muslims. The realization of Islamic micro KPRS program subsidized BMT DI experiencing an increasing trend, although implementation using collateral and there are some MBR demands that their costs may be cheaper. Their demand that followed the availability of land in the region to make BMT DI has great prospects for continued management of the program. There are factors that cause ongoing management of the program, namely the trend decline in the total number of borrowers who apply for loans at BMT DI and program implementation depends on factors subsidies. The use of the principle of trust and collateral on the MFI can expand the range of services the provision of credit to the MBR.It is advisable to investigate further the strategy in the development of MFIs with the principles of trust, but able to serve MBR widely.In addition, the need to develop mechanisms and institutions a subsidy, so that the benefits better targeted.It is suggested that there is the role of local government in the implementation of Sharia Micro Subsidized KPRS program, so as to improve the quality of the environment.

Keywords: KPRS Syariah Micro Subsidized, MFI and MBR, Prospects for Sustainability