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Fostering Knowledge Management with Organizations’ Operational and Financial Performance – The Mediating Role of Innovation (Published)

Performance is the bottom line for each and every organization. The firms are in immense race and competition to enhance their operational and financial performance. Performances portray a good and consolidated image in market. This study is aimed to identify the relationship between knowledge management dimensions named as knowledge creation, knowledge transfer and knowledge embeddedness with organizational and financial performance. Furthermore this study is also testing the mediating role of process and administrative innovation in relationship between knowledge management and performance. Simple random sampling has been used in this study and data collect from 341 employees of servicing, manufacturing and trading organization. The findings of this study have revealed that almost all dimensions of knowledge management have a significant positive impact on financial and operational performance. Furthermore, process and administrative innovation has proved as significant mediators in relationship between knowledge management and operational and financial performance. The study is adding the value in literature by testing a unique empirical relation through taking the dimensions of organizational performance.

Keywords: Administrative Innovation, Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Embeddedness, Knowledge Management, Knowledge transfer, Operational and Financial Performance, Process Innovation