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Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training in Taiwan implements Taiwan TrainQuali Scorecard (TTQS) to measure organizations’ training effectiveness since 2007. It is trying to link the individual training to organizational strategy. Conversely, knowledge-based view emphasizes the streams of new knowledge that are obtained, transferred, and integrated to enrich and change an organization’s knowledge stock. This research seeks to delineate Kang, Morris and Snell’s (2007) three dimensions (cognitive, social exchange and network structure) in value creation which, in turn, explain the knowledge flow in training system among employment modes. Two studies were included in this research; first, the case study approach is adopted to explore the knowledge flow and training effectiveness among employment modes. Further, the questionnaire survey is used to enforce the reliability and validity in the finding. In so doing, it would further increase the explanation of training effectiveness among different groups of employees on firm performance from network theory and social exchange theory

Keywords: Employment Modes, Knowledge Based View, Network Theory, Social Exchange Theory, Training Effectiveness

Factor Analysis of Strategic Management and Performance Variables in The Banking Sector in Oyo State, Nigeria (Review Completed - Accepted)

This research work factor analysed the impact of Strategic Management Variables (knowledge management, perceived environmental uncertainty, strategic agility and organizational learning) and Performance Variables in some selected selected banks in Oyo State of Nigeria. The study employed questionnaire to collect information from subjects who were bank employees of the selected banks in Oyo State. One hundred and six respondents responded to the questionnaire. This study found that strategic management variables were immensely associated with bank performance Based on the findings, it was recommended that there is a need for banks to work and improve their knowledge and learning base, endeavour to adapt to their environment and strive to be strategically agile so as to improve their performance and in the long run gain sustained competitive advantage

Keywords: Knowledge Based View, Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, Organizational Performance, Strategic Agility, Strategic Management