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Assessing the Hygienic State of Hospital Kitchens in The Sekondi – Takoradi Metropolis of Ghana (Published)

The hygienic state of the kitchen where foods are cooked as well as the food handlers have an impact on either causing food poisoning or otherwise. Thus, leading to the conduction of the study. The study was a descriptive cross-sectional survey design with the objectives of finding out food handlers’ knowledge on hygiene; assessing the personal, food and kitchen hygiene practices of food handlers in hospitals; and assessing ways in which foods are packaged and served to patient’s hospitals. Fifty (50) kitchen staff were chosen through a purposive sampling technique and structured questionnaire was used to collect data. The data was analyzed using frequencies, percentages, charts and tables. It was found out that the respondents understood the meaning of hygiene and could state some examples. Though most of the hospitals’ kitchen staff were found to comply with hygienic measures, a few were doing the contrary which exposes the foods they prepare to contaminations. The kitchens’ packaging and delivery of food to patients were quite hygienic. However, their means of disposing off waste left much to be desired. Finally, it was recommended that the hospitals’ authorities should increase supervision over the kitchens, organize periodic training on all aspects of hygiene and food safety for staff members of the kitchens and take stringent measures against kitchen staff members who do not comply with the appropriate hygienic regulations.

Keywords: Food Contamination. Food Safety, Hospital, Hospitality, Hygiene, Kitchen