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Core Values in Sikhism: A way of Life (Published)

The values contained in the Sikh religion became operative in the Sikh way of life and have found embodiment in the social institutions to a greater extent. This paper intends to put forth the core values of Sikhism and surface their relevance in the present times. The paper is bifurcated into three aspects namely: highlighting Naam Japo, Kirat Karo and Wand Chhako as the core values of Sikhism., role of these values in transforming a human being into a man of character. The relevance of these values in the present times.The vibrant Sikh values with the message of Sikh Gurus need to be made a part of our life today.  

Keywords: Kirat Karo and Wand Chhako, Naam Japo, Sikhism, Values