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Shakespeare’s View on Ageing; Focus on King Lear (Published)

Ageing or Aged people have always been a matter of critical approach with lots of associated considerations. Hence, Shakespeare, though a universal writer, has not been able to keep himself out of the thoughts of society in regard of Ageing. This paper tries to investigate the approach of Shakespeare to the Aged people. Keeping social norms in mind it is difficult to find a neutral point of view in case of aged people. So, this paper aims at discovering the ideology that Shakespeare has been bound by about Aged people and Ageism. For this King Lear is focused here, as a text, where Shakespeare’s view on ageing, as a writer, can be found and for this, the whole text is to be read with critical eye to find out how he sees the old people.

Keywords: King Lear, Shakespeare, gerontology

Treatment of Violence in King Lear and Bond’s Lear (Published)

The purpose of this research paper is to examine Bond’s Lear in relation to which it “stands to Shakespeare’s great original” (Smith 194). Both plays deal with the issues of political and economic power and investigates the relation of aggression and violence present within nature of human beings when it comes to their struggle over supremacy and rule. This paper focuses tendency of ruling individuals to assert aggression and violence and research work tends to explore both plays in the light of Bond’s Preface to his version of Lear

Keywords: Bond's Lear, King Lear, Society, Violence, and political struggle, economic power