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Some Explanations on Newton’s First Law of Motion, and the Kinetic Energy Action on an Object Movement (Published)

The Newton’s First Low stated that: for an object which is under an action of zero force [∑F = zero], has to have some arrangements as: (a) To arrange for the reason of the source, that is making the existing and continuous of the movement of the object. (b) The counting of the time duration of the movement of the object. For the kinetic energy action, the movement application of an object under the effect of the kinetic energy, it shows that, there are: a different physical phenomena are to be acted, and then, the different effect of movement on the same object.  As well as, the, kinetic energy formulae are giving different results when applied on the moving of the same body in the same time. Also, the kinetic energy formula is lacking to show the length of the time duration of the object movement.

Citation: Rojeab A.Y. (2022) Some explanations on: Newton’s First Law of motion, and the Kinetic Energy action on an object movement, International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Physics, Vol.9 No.1, pp.53-61


Keywords: Kinetic energy, Newton’s first law, duration of time, formulae