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School Based Management in Public Schools as Perceived by Principles in Karak Directorate of Learning and Education (Published)

This study aims to reveal the reality of the application of School Based Management (SBM) in public schools as perceived by principals in Karak governorate, where this study provides a theoretical and practical description of the reality of SBM practice.  The study sample consists of (115) principles who are managing public schools in Karak governorate. The study instrument designed for identifying and measuring the reality of the application SBM. The researcher used the descriptive survey method to collect data and analyze it using statistical analysis program for social sciences SPSS. The results indicated that there is a moderate degree in the reality of the application of SBM in public schools from the point of view of principals in Karak governorate. In addition, results indicated that there were no statistically significant differences due to the variables of sex, experience, academic qualification and the reality of the application of SBM   in public schools from the point of view of principles in Karak governorate, and finally, the study offers several recommendations highlighted that principles need to be empowered to practice SBM by adjusting their relationship with their senior management, teachers and local community.

Keywords: Karak governorate, Self Management, public schools