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Use of Technology for Students with Emotional- Behavioral – Disorder (Ebd) for Enhancement of Job Opportunities (Published)

Students with emotional behavioral disorder (EBD) have recorded the highest incidence of school dropout without any gainful employment. This study was designed to find out the use of technology to enhance their overall improvement and help them have good job opportunities. The study was carried out in Nsukka urban in Enugu State of Nigeria using descriptive survey design. Two research questions were used to guide the study. One hundred and fifty teachers were randomly sampled to respond to the instrument which was titled Technology for Students with EBD Questionnaire (TSEBDQ). The instrument was validated and computed for internal consistency. Data collected was analyzed with mean and standard deviation. The major findings indicated that teachers are not very aware of technology that students with EBD can use to make them learn and be gainfully employed. As such, it was recommended that teachers

Keywords: Emotional-behavioral-disorder, Job opportunities, Technology