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The Role of Small Medium Enterprises in Reducing the Problem of Unemployment in Jordan (Published)

The Jordanian economy is mainly considered a SMEs based economy where small and medium enterprises (SMEs) contribute 98% of Jordanian enterprises and their Employees represent around 60% of the labor force with a total product counts around 50% of the GDP. SMEs sector has been faced with many challenges that have started with development happening in Jordan into a highly freed and open market economy. The whole thing was quickly moving and upgrading, which resulted in a biased and a long-lasting effect on SMEs. Jordan started its open market policy and deregulation in 2000 and then Nine years later the SMEs sector was affected again with the economic disaster. SME plays an essential role in improving Jordanian employment section. This research shows the impact of SMEs in reducing the problem of Unemployment in Jordon. It highlights the main factors affecting the improvement and job opportunities creation. There is increasing evidence that SMEs play an essential role in the economic development in Jordan. SME’s provide the majority of new jobs opportunities and produce much of the creativity that leads economic progress. SMEs is the only solution to open new job opportunities to a huge number of Jordanians. This paper highlights this to measure how SMEs can reduce unemployment problem in any country and considering Jordan as case study.

Keywords: Economic Development, Job opportunities creation., Small Medium Enterprises, Unemployment