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Level of Satisfaction of Employees with Trainings, Job Design and Employment Security in Rivers State Ministry of Sports (Published)

The study focuses on the level to which workers are satisfied with training and development, job design and employment security in the Rivers State Ministry of Sports. Three research questions and hypotheses guided this study. The design for the research is a cross-sectional survey. The sample size for the study was 243 employees of Rivers State Ministry of Sports drawn through census sampling technique. A self-structured questionnaire titled “”Level of Employees ‘ Satisfaction with Training, Job Design and Job Security Questionnaire” (LESTJJQ) was used. Mean, standard deviation and z-test were used for data analysis at 0.05 alpha level using SPSS version 23. The finding reveals that to a moderate extent employees’ are satisfied with the training and development in Rivers State Ministry of Sports. To high extent workers are allowed to plan how they do their work, while some of the employees’ were not satisfied with lack of job autonomy in making decisions. Also, there is a significant difference in the male and female employees’ satisfaction with training and development, job design and employment security in Rivers State Ministry of Sports. It is recommended that regular training and retraining programs for employees should be developed by the various parastatals. Stakeholders should ensure an effective job design to enhance the status and self-fulfillment needs of employees. There is a need for job security to allow workers to feel valued and fulfilled.

Keywords: Job Design, employees’ satisfaction, employment security and rivers state ministry of sports, training and development


In the present cut throat competition of business in Pakistan, keeping the faithful customers footings has become a major issue for the management of all types of companies. Few segments particularly of services Industry where the there is very high human participation in rendering the services; companies are trying to perk up the service standards to secure and maintain the loyal customers. In present era, the retention of existing customers has become more important even than the new customers. The reason for is that the markets are being saturated very quickly due to increasing number of participants and the competitors are fighting for the same shrinking piece of pie. This improvement in service quality is based on the hypothesis that motivate and professionally well-equipped employees are the significant customer satisfaction indicators. To assess the validity of above stated supposition, this research has selected banking sector as population and chosen three Banks namely: Askari Bank Ltd., Bank Al-Habib Ltd., Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. as sample of this research study.The objective of this study is to understand and evaluate the main drivers of employee motivation in banking sector of Pakistan and their impact on customer satisfaction. Primary Data has been used in this study and it was collected through structured questionnaire. The reliability and consistency of primary source i.e. questionnaire was tested through Cronbach’s Alpha, whereas the author has applied Correlation and Regression technique for data analysis with Chi-Square Test for additional support to the results. Based on the rigorous literature review, survey instrument designing purified by help of pilot study, the results revealed that employee’s motivators are Compensation, Working Environment, Job Design, Staff Trainings and Performance Management System.

Keywords: Career Development, Compensation, Customer Satisfaction, Employees’ Motivation, Job Design, Work Environment