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The Effects of Job Crafting On Employee Retention: The Mediating Role of Proactive Personality (Published)

This study attempts to explore how job crafting affects the employee retention and whether this relationship is mediated by proactive personality of employees. Three types of job crafting such as task, relational and cognitive crafting have been selected as independent variables, proactive personality as mediating and employee retention as dependent variable. This study was conducted on 405 employees from Bangladesh and primary data has been collected through a structured questionnaire. Descriptive statistics, bivariate correlation and multiple regression analysis have been conducted to know the interplay among these variables. The study found that task, relational crafting and proactive personality has significant influence on employee retention. Conversely, cognitive job crafting reveals negative relation to employee retention. Moreover, creating meaningful scope of work and relational environment with others at workplace are the mostly preferred factors came out from this survey than the cognitive work behaviour.

Keywords: Employee Retention, job crafting, proactive personality