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Identification of the Person through the Iris of the Eye (Published)

The identification of a person through the iris of the eye of the very important issues to prove his identity. It was a preliminary treatment of the samples used in the study program. Then the samples classified into four groups namely (flower iris, jewels iris, shaker iris and stream iris. Have been through the program to find statistical features of each sample from each group and then re-create these features by way wavelet using MATLAB software, and these samples were (1) (15image of the iris of the type flower iris). (2) (15image of the iris of the type jewels iris). (3) (15 image of the iris of the type shaker iris) (4) (15 image of the iris of the type stream iris). When treatment was extracted a number of Mini (mean, std., var., Energy, Homogeneity, and Entropy). Features that represent each iris were used artificial neural network with a reverse spread as a way to distinguish. The four varieties and the number of inputs to the neural network Is six (the number of statistical features used) for all samples were neural network training them and extract precision results to distinguish primary treatment samples. Conversion technology application wavelet using the study samples and extract the same as the previous samples after image processing and conversion wavelets using (wavelet-2D)     a reverse spreading neural network as a way to distinguish the four varieties previous input itself For all samples)

Keywords: Energy, Entropy. Artificial Neural Network., Flower Iris, Jewels Iris, Mean Std., Shaker Iris and Stream Iris, VAR, homogeneity