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This research aims to focus some studies was done by researhers in Sociology, Culture and politics, sociology of Islamic society and women studies. To strengthen and focus on previous study, this research will create relation construction “local and religious value on the women empowerment in Japananese family. For the first year of the three years, research has focused on tracking the arrival of Islam in Japan and the struggle of Islam with local values. This is qualitative research and data collection done by observation, documentation, and indepth interview. The analysis done by qualitative descriptive and the result of the observation that needs for deep understanding to find the meaning given by subject of the research by indepth interview. This process is going from one informant to others as snow ball method until the information is relative fix. In other hand, to implement the principles and conceptualization technique based on data, for describe the shape of social-culture relations in pattern or to understand the meaning behind the shape of relaty, this process following the characteristic of qualitative research that it will be vice versa, cyclus and unlinear. The result of this research are: Until the mid-1980s the Muslim population in Japan is relatively small. These conditions attract foreign Muslim workers so that it can be said that the Muslim population in Japan today is foreign-born; they came from Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran that make up the largest subgroup. Islam as a religion and value also accepted to be existand grow in Japan. But in this context, it relates with accepting to the foreign Muslim in Japan. Foreigner Muslim are accepted to live, work and study in Japanese society. But, accepting here does not mean adopting.

Keywords: Islam, Japanese Muslim, Local Values