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Dynamic of Warfare in Pre-colonial Offa Land, 1878 – 1886 (Published)

This paper interrogates the arts of Warfare in Pre-colonial Offa Land, 1878 – 1886. It examines dynamic nature of warfare under Balogun Agidiako the war commander of Offa land at Jalumi War and Ilorin War under the Leadership of Balogun Karara. This paper adopts historical narrative techniques on how warfare was executed in Offa land 1887 – 1888 differently, with things to remember: drawing on both primary and secondary sources this paper emphasized on system of control, the administration of forces, the strategies employed and the character of the forces involved towards a revolutionary changes and struggle for hegemony by Offa against Ilorin. This paper advances that Offa engaged in three different battles with distinct military prowess, warfare tactics and strategies. Though, this paper stands to contribute to academic discourse on Pre-colonial warfare in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Keywords: Jalumi, Offa Land, Tactics and Strategy., Warfare, pre-colonial