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The Ability of Translation Students in Anslating English Technical Text into Arabic at Jadara University in Jordan (Published)

The aim of this study is to examine the ability of translation students in translating technical text from `English into Arabic at Jadara University in Jordan. To allow data collection, the researcher provided a technical text containing various technical expressions to be translated from English into Arabic as a test to investigate their levels in the field of technical translation. The translation text was reviewed by a panel of experts, their remarks and comments were taken into considerations. The English text included (35) technical expressions. The text was given to a random sample of (23) BA translation students. The students were asked to translate the English text into Arabic. The findings of the study were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. Quantitatively, identifying translation students’ ability in translating a technical oriented text from English into Arabic, followed by discussing and analyzing their answers according to the previous studies presented. The results showed that the ability of students in translating technical and military text displayed fairly low level. Also, it showed no statistical differences between males and females in translating such text. Based on the results of this study, the researcher provided several recommendations. The most important is the need to increase the number of translation courses, including various translation courses in the English department syllabi at Jadara University.

Keywords: Jadara University, Jordan, technical expressions, technical translation, translation level

The English Code Switching Expressions Used By Translation Students during Their Daily Translation at Jadara University in Jordan (Published)

This study aimed at examining the universal English Code Switches (CSs) used by translation students at Jadara University (JU) in Jordan. It aimed also at analyzing the types and functions of CSs employed by students at the same university. The sample of 100 translation students was selected randomly from the Department of Translation at JU. It was distributed according to gender and resident with 62 males and 38 females. Fifty students were from each urban and rural area. The findings revealed a statistical difference between males and females in using English CSs for the benefit of female students, while there is no statistical difference due to place of residence. Finally, the researcher concluded with some recommendations and suggestions for further research

Keywords: English Code Switching, Jadara University, Translation Students., Types of CS