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The Roles Of Islamic Education Towards Islamic Art And Culture (Published)

This study deals with the roles of Islamic education againts the development of Islamic art and culture. In order to achive the objective of the study, library research method was used and all the data taken from the books, journals, articles, and previous research. After analyzing and describing the discussion in details, the finding showed that the roles of Islamic education towards Islamic art and culture development are; firstly, Islamic art and culture is regarded as the process of awareness that Islamic art and culture are values sources such as; mind, kindness, creativity, and artwork. Secondly, Islamic art and culture is knwon as process of humanity and humanism. Thirdly, Islamic art and culture is regarded as the spirit of struggle and renewal agiants Islam. The students are expcted to have both intelligent and spiritual competency through art and culture found in Al-Qur’an and Sunnah. Islamic education and culture always come together to establish the human beings’ civilization.

Keywords: Art, Character, Culture, Education, Islamic, Values

Saudi Arabia Educational Map- From Sand Dunes towards Western Skyscrapers Platforms (Published)

This paper explores the emergence of the concept of education and its ideological roots vis-s-vis Islamic principles and pedagogy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hence, a general description of the Saudi Arabian educational system and a general account of how and when education was first introduced into the KSA is a necessary step to provide a complete picture the system of education and its rapid developments towards E-learning and/or distance learning status. In fact, all legal decisions within the Kingdom; however, are based on the Sharia Law-Islamic law as set forth by the Holy Qur’an, as stated in the Education Policy document. Therefore, according to Islamic studies constitute a major portion of the curriculum at the educational levels, and even science textbooks emphasize Islamic notions. This, in turn, may propose some obstacles in learning and teaching distance education from a Western ideological perspective. Therefore, the paper will lay out some of these hindrances and pedagogical implication in how to transition from traditional towards a more modern pedagogical education paradigm within the KSA.

Keywords: Education, Ideology, Islamic, Pedagogy, Policy Documents, Saudi Arabia, Western