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The Marine Environment and the Role of International Law and Islamic Sharia (Published)

The Law is considered one of the core institutions in human life, which is indispensable in each community to regulate the relations between its members and bodies. As people meet and are in close contact with each other, in addition to their interactions with their environments, there is a need to create and evolve laws to regulate relationships between individuals and to monitor and influence behaviour[1].Given the seriousness of environmental pollution in general, and marine pollution in particular, concern in both the academic and non-academic communities have led to research and conferences to explore possible solutions.As a result, pollution has occupied a great deal of time and effort. There is strongly held belief that the natural environment must be considered as a borderless unit and that this could lead to a range of legal problems and economic, political and social consequences and therefore there is a strong need for control by the law[2].

Keywords: International law, Islamic sharia, marine environment