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Covid-19 and Brain Damage: Non-Toxic Iron Chelators Can Prevent Adem and Brain Damage by Covid-19 (Published)

Based on the chemical mechanism of degradation of cholesterol and myelin, we would like to propose that non-toxic iron chelators including SP10, natural or artificial lignin derivatives can be the best supplement against COVID-19, especially to prevent brain damage including ADEM. 

Keywords: ADEM, Brain damage, COVID-19, Iron chelator

On the Chemical Properties of Traditional Chinese Medicines (Published)

The Chinese government is heavily promoting traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) as treatment for COVID-19 at present, but there are no rigorous trial data to demonstrate that the remedies work.  Based on our recent works, we have elucidated the chemical properties of TCM, and have proposed the scientific origin of “Japan Paradox”.

Keywords: COVID-19, Chinese medicines, Iron chelator, anti-viral activity

New Non-Toxic Iron Chelator Sp10 can be Supplement against Covid-19 (Published)

Based on the facts that non-toxic iron chelator SP10 and its homologues exhibit high anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, and anti-virus activity, we would like to propose that SP10 and its homologue can be Supplement against COVID-19, and another virus and unseen enemy which will appear in future

Keywords: Anti-tumor activity, COVID-19, Iron chelator, anti-virus activity