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Islamophobia in the UK print media: An intersectional critical discourse analysis (Published)

This paper investigates how various Muslim-identity groups are represented in the British press. The study adopted an intersectional critical discourse analysis as an analytical framework (see Baker and Levon 2016) of a corpus of a medium size. The method adopted used drew on corpus methods by identifying strong collocations associated with each identified identity followed by qualitative analysis. The findings highlight the living experiences of British Muslims which might be gendered, classed and racialized with certain Muslim identity-groups. The present study demonstrates through an intersectional approach that media representations of Muslims are constituted through race, gender and class and that Muslims are perceived to be othered in contemporary British public discourses.

Keywords: Britain, Discourse Analysis, Discourse of Islamophobia, corpus analysis, intersectionality

The Practical and Theoretical Underpinning of Inclusion for College Students amidst Diverse Intersectionality (Published)

American higher education is facing another major transition with escalating costs, an influx of diverse students, and an over all question about the return on investment for higher education.  Within these complexities, this essay will consider the practical history and theoretical underpinning which inform the experience for students with complex intersectionality.  After reflecting on the higher education legal issues and Duboisian theory, the essay will provide recommendations for students and higher education personnel

Keywords: Higher Education, intersectionality, race