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Second Language on-Screen Academic Reading Comprehension Models of Postgraduate International Students (Published)

This paper contributes to the existing body of research on L2 academic reading practices in the 21st century by focusing on on-screen reading in the technological age. The study offers an insight into the nature of on-screen reading, and reflects the authentic on-screen academic reading experiences of international postgraduate readers. A case study and interpretive qualitative approaches have been adopted in the present research study where process-oriented techniques, namely demographic questionnaires, think-aloud protocol, field notes, stimulated recall and interviews have been employed to collect the data. Thematic and content analysis; and a constant comparative method (CCM) has been applied to analyse the data. The results from this study have led to the proposal of suggested models for interpreting on-screen L2 academic reading interactions. A number of pedagogical practices are suggested and recommended for preparing L2 readers for further academic study; including teaching models and instructions to accommodate and meet the needs of reading comprehension practices in the technological age and promoting L2 learners’ digital academic strategy literacy (DASL).


Keywords: Comprehension, International Students, Models, Second Language, academic reading, on-screen, postgraduate

An Empirical Study on the Influencing Entrepreneurial Intention Factors of International Students Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior (Published)

Intentions are identified as the best predictor of behaviors.  Relied on the Sapero’s entrepreneurial event theory, the study built its conceptual model based on the Theory of Planned Behavior. The study used structural equation model in analyzing the sampled data of 250 responses, which were selected through simple random sampling in Jiangsu Province in China to assess the entrepreneurial intentions factors of international students in Jiangsu University and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. The findings of the study revealed that opportunity identification had positive and significant impact on international students’ entrepreneurial intentions.

Keywords: Enabling Environment, Intentions, International Students, Opportunity Identification, Personal Traits